Why Doctor Safe?

Do you really know what’s in the supplements you consume on a daily basis? Unfortunately, there is some misleading information
  • Quality & Consistency Matter

    Like you, we are busy parents and wellness warriors who are enthusiastic not just about our health, but the overall impact it makes on our lives. We discovered there wasn't a company in the health and wellness space that embodied our lifestyle philosophy — we found there were a lot of false promises and brands purposely making their formulations confusing
  • Doctor Safe Brand Promise

    You have come to the right place. Doctor Safe creates products that are safe, reliable and will seamlessly enhance your life and well-being. We third-party test every product before and after production to ensure adherence to our quality standards. Our products are developed by our in-house experts to deliver the harmonious combination of wellness and calmness that you deserve.
  • Formulated for effectiveness​​

    Specially formulated by our in-house experts to deliver unmatched efficacy and results. We use only high-quality ingredients and add a proprietary elderberry blend to every formulation for an added layer of immune-boosting protection.

  • Sourced to Perfection

    Our team of nutrition experts source only the highest quality raw ingredients from the industry’s most respected growers and suppliers.

  • Built off Transparency

    Our mission at Doctor Safe is to provide you with the piece of mind that only a completely transparent manufacturing process can deliver. not only provide you with your nutritional needs but also guide you on your path to health and well-being.

  • Quality Promise

    All ingredients are tested upon receipt, with finished product tested post bottling and again by an accredited 3rd party testing facility prior to shipping. to ensure adherence to our rigorous brand and quality standard.